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1/21/2021 ~ seattlevidya

hey guys, brand new update - so, what's new? where are all the cool projects you speaked of 6 months ago? i shut down our discord lol, no use really. also, well, check out my youtube channel idiot, two new animation videos! of course more vids are on the way, it's just a matter of finishing them. so what other empty promises do you have? video games!


a psychotic rougelike full of delirium monsters, sharp weapons, and lods of psychoactives. game is still very early in development and is far from a finished product, but with the progress i'm making so far, i've been getting really excited to show it off, so, here i am. drugs are a major part of the game, affecting from how you play, where you fight, and who you fight. i'm really excited for the final product and hopefully once it's out, you guys will enjoy it. i'll probably make more updates about it here, but don't count on it.


a cool dungeon crawler kind of game - it's sort of a sequel to Bastards of Ardor. it's even earlier in development, more than overdose, so for now there isn't a whole lot to talk about. the game is definitely going to be less complicated than Overdose, so it might release earlier (IF ANY OF THESE GAMES RELEASE). so yeh, that's all i relaly want to talk about with this


maybe! who knows.. motivation is one of god's greatest tools that he gave to us- when it's there that is. i'm constantly experimenting and coming up with new ideas, but i'm also lazy and hate starting over, so i tend to bounce around old projects a lot. because a lot of my projects are essensially finished, they just require some polishing and additional fun features, so some mysterious unfinished projects might be released in the future!

the games i mentioned so far are pretty early in development, but they feel pretty set in stone as offical released games! hopefully you guys are ready for what NOGIRLZALLOWED has planned in 2021!

6/15/2020 ~ seattlevidya

uploaded some art from metalix and me! as well updated games page with a new game :) injoy

6/8/2020 ~ seattlevidya

what's up, haven't updated the page in a while but i was "busy" with shit, but now that im free hopefully ill be more active, at least that's the goal. so whats new? nogirlzallowed discord is now available so join if u handle it, pussy! imma go upload a bunch of art from metalix and myself so hopefully it will be enjoyable :) also i've been filming and planning parts for videos so expect that from me sooner or later. that's it basically, hopefully i'll be able to update more, cya

4/5/2020 ~ seattlevidya

what's up whats up. whats the future we're looking at? two things. but first we must say that new art coming out nearly every week so check that shit out. any way, some videos are planned and i'm personally really excited to film these and edit them; they consist of some irl videos and some animations. as well, a bunch of games are being made, rn i'm kindof just bouncing around the projects working bit by bit so who knows when they'll come out. future is looking really fun! we're still looking for some people to join us!

3/30/2020 ~ seattlevidya

hello welcome to nogirlzallowed. we have been many things in the past but now we are a creative center (??) for creative people like my friends and other online members. rn we are looking for people to upload their art, so contact me if ur up for it.